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MSNBC President Tries His Hand At Public Deception

If you want something done right, you do it yourself.  Unless “yourself” happens to be Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC.  Apparently not satisfied with the level of deception currently being output by his network, he decided to take matters into his own hands to show his staff how the pros do it.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Griffin dismissed the notion that his network had become the voice of President Obama and his administration over the last several years.  He made some interesting statements that I would like to draw attention to.  In part, he said,

“This channel has never been the voice of Obama. Ever.”  He further stated that “We hire smart people with a progressive sensibility.  I tell them to go think for themselves. We don’t have talking points.”

Now stay with me on this because it is important.  Lately I’ve noticed the fondness that Democrats have for their little “code words”.  You know, where a person clearly states their point but it is turned around to become a code word for something totally different.  “Progressive” is one of their little code words which, as we are all quite aware, means socialist.  So as any sensible socialist could tell you, thinking for yourselves is fine as long as you remain within the bounds approved by the state, which in this case would be MSNBC. So I’d like to give you an example of a MSNBC state approved reporter, Mika Brzezinski, doing her best to think for herself without straying outside of the approved agenda in this little clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe from 2010.

So here you have a reporter from MSNBC reading from the White House talking points (which Griffen stated they don’t have) and admits to having worked with the  Obama White House herself in developing them. This is known as an Epic Fail.  Our own U.N. ambassador, Susan Rice, apparently doesn’t have the kind of access this reporter does since she wasn’t involved in the creation of the Benghazi talking points she used in her round robin tour of the networks recently.

I believe the biggest problem with MSNBC is that their network lacks anything remotely resembling integrity or credibility and the problem is obviously from the top down. This is just par for the course for this network.  Just off the top of my head I can point out several times where their news was outright manufactured to fit the narrative they wanted to present.  For example:

MSNBC edits 9-1-1 call of George Zimmerman who shot teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida to create a false narrative that Zimmerman was racist.

Unreal: MSNBC edits clip of man with gun at Obama rally to support racism narrative.

Scarborough’s Dishonest Defense of MSNBC’s False Romney Attack

MSNBC’s false narrative on Judge’s offshore drilling moratorium ruling

A hodgepodge of MSNBC’s journalistic excellence for you to review

There are of course plenty of people out there who will continue to watch MSNBC and their race-baiting antics. For those of us who are interested in real news by actual reporters, the new media is where you’ll find us.  The shelf life for this bunch of misinformation specialists is, thankfully, dwindling.


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